How to make organic NPK fertilizer at home

NPK fertilizer making at home 

Friends, fertilization is an important part for the growth of any plant. If we have planted any plant in our house or garden, then it’s our responsibility to maintain its proper growth and provide it proper nutritious fertilizers at the right times. NPK fertilizer is one of the most helpful fertilizers which are required for the growth of most plants. Hence NPK is known as primary nutrients for plant growth.

Meaning of NPK fertilizer

NPK stands for Nitrogen (N2), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) here the letter N represent the Nitrogen, Letter P represent the Phosphorous and letter K represent the potassium. These three are most important primary part to maintain the plant growth.

In this article, we will give details that how to make a very good NPK fertilizer at your own home by using some waste items. These all waste items are very common and we can get very easily.

And before we get straight to the point, make sure not to miss any major details that we will tell you since all these nutrients are very important for the growth of every plant and known as a primary part for the growth of any plant due to the huge benefits.

Benefits of NPK nutrient for plants

Let’s talk for a bit about how these three major nutrients help your plant to grow properly:-

Nitrogen (N2)
Nitrogen nutrient Helps the plant to grow its leaves properly or we can say that it help a plant for maintaining its vegetative growth. When plant starts growing it need to develop more leaves and branches so that the plant can become busy and stronger.

Phosphorus (P)
Phosphorous Helps a plant in the formation of its roots and also help in the formation of flowers and fruits. When a plant starts growing then the plant start rooting first so that it can be stable and grow vertically. So for seedling development, the phosphorous play an important role for making plant stable and stronger. Later it also helps to prevent from many plant related disease so that a plant can survive easily in difficult environment.

Potassium (K)  
Potassium has very different roles for the growth of any plant. It Help the plant to ensure that all required functions for growth suck as photosynthesis are working properly. It also helps a plant to develop its stem stronger and contribute for increasing the yield of flower and fruit production. Due to potassium the plant’s fruit and flowers get there full size and looks better.

Homemade NPK fertilizer making process

The process of making this fertilizer will be divided into three different processes. And these three stages are
Making of Nitrogen based fertilizer
Making of Phosphorous based fertilizer
Making of Potassium based fertilizer

Making of Nitrogen based fertilizer

First of all, we will make our Nitrogen fertilizer. For this, we will use waste tea leaves. Most of us don’t know that tea leaves contain great amounts of nitrogen thus, proving beneficial for the growth of plants.
For this, collect some used tea leaves in a container and wash them properly with fresh water for at least 2 times. After washing, leave them in the open sunlight until it completely dries out. When it dries out completely, store it in a container and our Nitrogenous fertilizer is ready.

Making of Phosphorous based fertilizer

Now, we will make the phosphorus fertilizer. For this, we will use mustard cakes. Mustard cake is a really good source for phosphorus and it is also easily available in our local markets.

First, we will take a good quantity of mustard cake and grind it using a grinder. After the grinding process, it will turn into a powder, collect this powder in a container and our phosphorus fertilizer is ready as well.

Making of Potassium based fertilizer

Next, we will make the potassium fertilizer. For this, we will use banana peels. Banana peels are one of the best sources for potassium available in almost every season and neighborhood market.
For using it, we will let the banana peels dry out completely by leaving them in open sunlight. 
After drying out, they will become hard and lose their signature yellow color. 
Now, we will grind them with a grinder. After the grinding process, our potassium fertilizer is ready so we will collect it in a container.

Now, after preparing NPK based fertilizer we will mix all three fertilizers together and after mixing, our homemade NPK fertilizer is ready for use. Now we can store it for future or can use directly on our plants.

How to use this NPK fertilizer for plants

This NPK fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer and all three ingredients will take turns in the plants soil to enrich the growth of any plant.

Now that we have prepared the fertilizer, it is time to use it and start to enrich the growth of our beloved garden’s plants. But for the application, every fertilizer needs to be used in its own unique manner to help our plants obtain proper nutrients. So now we will tell you how we should properly apply the fertilizer in our plants.

For a start, just pour the fertilizer on the soil of the plant around its stem. If you want to use the fertilizer for crops or vegetables, pour some more amount of the fertilizer on the soil. Now, do some mulching on the soil and make sure that the fertilizer is completely mixed with the soil. And now we will keep our plant in the sunlight and make sure to properly water it. In around just one month, the fertilizer will show its efficiency and your plant will appear even healthier and will produce more and more flowers and fruits.

So friends, we can make this most important NPK fertilizer at our home by using the waste items about which we have explained above. We have also explained this whole process in our YouTube channel so you can visit and watch this homemade NPK fertilizer making process in video format.
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