What is Organic Gardening

What is Organic Gardening

What is Organic Gardening??

If someone ask you that what is Organic Gardening??? Then what your mind first imaging about this word………

If we just told a basic definition than Organic Gardening is a way of growing and caring garden plants and crops without using a synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

It is More than than conventional way of gardening.

But if we just fall in deep than it is much more than it. Actually it is one unique way of Gardening that supports the surrounding environmental health system of the people who are living in that area.
When we grow any plant by using natural resources than it also revert us back in many beneficial ways like :- Fresh air, Greenery and a Healthy edible things which are completely free from toxins.

Why Organic Gardening is beneficial??

Organic Gardening reduces the chemical explosion in our environment and help world in the following ways:-

Food: -
Organic Gardening secures the realistic nutrients and flavors in our food.

Human Health:-

Organic Gardening reduce risk of many diseases as well as help us to improve our immune system.

Soil: -

Organic gardening improves the soil structure and active beneficial microbes that help a plant to grow well for our beneficial use.

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