Epsom Salt – Epsom Salt for plants

Epsom Salt – Epsom Salt for plants

Epsom salt for plants

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We welcome you back in your own Organic Gardening website. Friends Epsom salt is a very good natural fertilizer which helps a plant to bloom more flowers and formation of their fruits. Epsom salt also helps a plant to grow bushier and enhance its attraction by giving its beautiful green color.
In this article we are going to explain about Epsom salt and Epsom salt use for plants. We will cover following important points here:

What is Epsom Salt?

Difference between Epsom

Salt and Normal Salt

Benefits of Epsom salt in Garden

How to Use Epsom salt for plants

Side effects of Epsom salt

So let’s start with Epsom salt’s basic introduction:

What is Epsom salt? 

Epsom salt is a natural mineral which form in natural condition and looks like small white crystals. Epsom salts chemical composition name is Magnesium Sulfate because it made up by an ionic bond with magnesium, Sulfur & Oxygen. Whenever these three components react with each other than one new composition take place and magnesium sulfate generates.

Difference between Epsom Salt and Normal Salt

Most of the people always confuse between Epsom salt and Normal Salt because both looks like almost same and confuse people and most of people looks both similar and think that both are same.
But Epsom salt and normal salt are quite different because there are some most important factors which makes both of them unique and differ to each other.
First of all, Epsom salt chemical name is magnesium sulfate but normal salt is known as Sodium Chloride.

Second, we use normal salt for making our foods but in other hand Epsom salt use for gardening, farming and medical purposes.    

Third, Epsom salt made up with a natural ionic bond of magnesium, Sulfur & Oxygen but in the other hand the Normal salt made up with an ionic bond of Sodium & Chlorine.

And if we check Epsom salt’s chemical formula then it is Mgso4 but the normal salt chemical formula is Nacl

So please do not get confuse because Epsom salt and normal salt are separate things by natural & use.

Benefits of Epsom salt in Garden:

Now we would like to explain about our main part that how Epsom salt can help us for improving our gardening and farming experience.
If we use it for agriculture purpose then Epsom salt is a good plant fertilizer because it is a good source of Magnesium and Sulfur nutrients. These Both micro nutrients are most important part of plant growth and play a wide role for growing and developing of any plant.

If we check its benefit then we found that Epsom salt help a plant in following ways:

Epsom salt is pure form of magnesium sulfate and magnesium required for the production of chlorophyll by which a plant can make their food with photosynthesis process. Magnesium help a plant to build the blocks of chlorophyll and due to this the plant leaves appear green and shiny.

Sulfur helps a plant to develop anti disease property by which a plant not affect by any disease easily and grow well in difficult environment.

Sulfur produces some helpful proteins, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes due to them a plant bloom more flowers and also forms their fruits.

Overall magnesium and sulfur are most important part of plant nutrients for getting balance growth.

How to Use Epsom salt for plants:

Epsom salt is a good plant fertilizer and if we use it properly then it help us in the care of plants and crops. But we should always know that how we should use it in proper way so that we can get good result.
So there are two ways for using Epsom salt for plants as a fertilizer-

In the first method, we can direct mix it with plant soil and for doing this we can take a small quantity of Epsom salt and spread it over the plant soil.
After this step we should mix it properly into soil by tilling and turning process and apply watering so that Epsom salt will mix with plant soil.
By this way of using Epsom salt, plant can get enough magnesium and sulfur by its rooting system and use at the time of requirement to grow well.

In the second method, we can take one litter of clean water into our foliage spray bottle and mix one table spoon of Epsom salt in it. And After mixing process well we should use it as a foliage spray over our plants leaves. We can apply this second step on all plants including vegetables like Tomatoes, Chilly, Spinach and more. And when we spray this solution over the plants leaves then the plant can get Magnesium and Sulfur by its leave’s porches and use to grow well.

Side effects of Epsom salt:

However Epsom salt is a good plant fertilizer but there are some side effect if we use it in an uncontrolled way. So here we are explaining some side effects of using Epsom salt on plants

If we use it more frequent then it can harm our plants so we should not use Epsom salt for plants more than once/month because it also promotes soil toxicity and makes soil toxic. And if we use more Epsom salt for plants then our plants start wilting and slowly it can die also. So we should always use its control quantity which is as follows

If we are using Epsom salt as foliage spray

If we are using Epsom salt for our plants as a foliage spray then we should use it in the proportion of 10 gram/litter water. 

Epsom salt use in direct soil

If we are using it direct in soil then also it should be not more than 10 gram/square feet of soil otherwise it will make our plant soil toxic and plant will not survive.

So overall Epsom salt is a good fertilizer for plants but the control method is highly required to get desired result otherwise it may become a nightmare for harming our garden plants.

I hope this information will help you all to know about use of Epsom salt as a plant fertilizer. For any suggestion and query you are always welcome and you can get touch with us by commenting into comment box.

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