Growing Peace Lily: Follow these simple steps to Bloom more flowers

Growing Peace Lily: Follow these simple steps to Bloom more flowers

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Hello friends, Peace lily is the most amazing indoor plant that not only looks well but also clean our home environment by natural way. Peace lily is also known as Spathiphyllum and a very common house plant that grow well in partially shade location of our house like window area and ventilation area.

Here one wonderful part is also need to know that why this indoor plant is called Peace lily. And the logic is very interesting that the peace lily flower grow in white color and its flower parts looks like a standing flag. And we all know that white flag it the symbol of peace. That is the reason that this plant is known as peace lily.

If you also growing Peace lily at your home then here we are sharing a simple steps for caring your peace lily plant that may encourage the overall health condition of your plant and help to bloom more peace lily flowers. 

So please read all steps and believe me that after reading these steps you will feel relax that how easily we can care our peace lily plant and encourage its blooming capacity.

and before we start just see this picture and compare this condition with your own peace lily plant.


Now think that is there any same symptom to your own peace lily plant. Based on a common study about peace lily the most common problems we face during growing this plant is almost same as we have shown on above picture and most simple solution is that if we follow these simple steps once per month and the peace lily will always be healthy and bloom more flowers

Step number one to care peace lily

At least once in a month we should always check the leaves condition of our peace lily plant. During this activity if you notice dry leaves at the bottom side of plant then it is normal and we should remove them by separating from plant.

If you notice that peace lily leaves are getting dry from tip area then this is the point to think. Dry leaves from tips area are symptom that your peace lily plant is surviving through a stress. This is happening due under watering. Means either you are not providing enough water at the time of watering or the time gap between watering and re watering is too long and your plant soil losing all the moisture before you do re watering.

Second reason may relate with over fertilization. May be that you had used any fertilizer recently on your peace lily plant and the quantity is used more than requirement.

So if peace lily plant leaves are getting dry from tip then we should cut affected part or we can remove such leaves from our plant.

Step number two to care peace lily

Now after pruning or removing dry or dead leaves from our peace lily now we need to recharge our plant soil and for this we should take out at least one inch soil from surrounding area of our container. During this just take care that our peace lily roots should not damage and we should perform this activity with lots of decency and calmness.

For taking out the soil we can tilt our peace lily container so that it becomes easy to take out soil without damaging the roots. Now after taking out the required soil just accumulate it in one place and move for next step.

Step number three to care peace lily

Now this is the most important part to recharge our peace lily plant soil so that the nutrient deficiency will cover and our soil will recharge with growth power. For this we can use any organic fertilizers. But here we need to encourage our peace lily for blooming flowers so as a recommendation if we use these two fertilizers combination then it will help for bloom more flowers of peace lily.

One is banana peel and second is Bone meal powder. Here you need to know the scientific reason behind selecting these two fertilizers and the logic is that at the time of flowering stage or for growing flowers peace lily plant required a fertilizer that contain less nitrogen and high phosphorous and potassium.

And if we check banana peels fertilizer nutrient or NPK value than it is around 0-3-42 also if we check bone meal fertilizer nutrient or NPK value than it is around 3-15-0.

And when we mix both of them then is become a super soil charger for peace lily plant with a rough NPK proportion of 3-18-42. In this mixture the peace lily gets less nitrogen and high phosphorous and potassium which encourage the blooming capacity of peace lily.

So after mixing both fertilizers in equal quantity we should mix it with our peace lily soil which we have taken out from pot. After mixing process we should again fill it inside the container

 Step number four to care peace lily

So after mixing both fertilizers in equal quantity we should mix it with our peace lily soil which we have taken out from pot. After mixing process we should again fill it inside the container in equal form around our peace lily pot so that all fertilizer should reach equally around our plant soil.

Step number five to care peace lily

Now after filling the recharged soil, we should do deep watering to our peace lily plant. Always remember that when we apply any fertilizer to our peace lily plant then after Applying the fertilizer we must do instant watering so that our peace lily plant will release its heat stress soon by utilizing the water. 

The heat generally develops by all fertilizers and plant reduces it by flowing water towards the leaves. So we should also do instant watering after Applying any fertilizer on our peace lily plant.

At the time of watering we must wash our peace lily plants leaves so that the dust which is accumulated over the time should remove and properly. And after watering we should keep our plant under a shady area for a day and next day we can again keep it indoor at our home.

You can watch this full information video also:

So friends these were the simple steps which we should do once per month for keeping our peace lily healthy and if we follow all these steps properly then it will not only increase the condition of peace lily plant but also encourage our peace lily plant to bloom more flowers on regular basis.

Thank you

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